Welcome to Wonderland; A Very Merry Unbirthday With Friends and Family

When my mom asked me, “Can I throw you a birthday party in June and make it an Alice in Wonderland themed event?” I said, “Of course!”

Growing up as her daughter, I’ve learned you never say no to Momma Chan, and since she has been known to throw some amazing parties, I figured, why not celebrate?!?

My mom is a designer/developer by trade and she also loves to plan parties, especially theme parties. Please keep in mind, she is a petite Chinese woman who is five feet tall and weighs in at 90 pounds on a good day.

This woman has never touched a drink, but she parties like a rockstar and has no problem asking guests to dress up like it’s Halloween in June. I’ve come to realize she’s just like Tinkerbell–tiny, but mighty–and leaves pixie dust wherever she goes. She really just has a way of making everything beautiful and fun.

Cut to this past Sunday at her house in Bel Air that was decked out with a Down the Rabbit Hole Entryway, a Mad Hatter Tea Station, a “smoking” caterpillar and whimsical decorations that included a floating tea pot, a giant flamingo and six foot tall flowers.

Welcome to my wonderland! That is to say, my life filled with my lovely family and friends who I hold close to my heart.


Mad Tea Party Food, Drinks, Decor and Music:

Lucky Lady wine @FeinsteinsLA

Ambros Whiskey  @ambroswhiskey

Susie Cakes

Veggie Grill

Mik and Cookies

Sky Event Productions

Paromi Tea

Health-Ade Kombucha


Balloons on the Run

Soul Cirque

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