Back to Basics in Budapest 

I don’t think I’ve worn a backpack since my school days, but after bringing one on my trip to Budapest, Hungary… I’m hooked.   I was recently given this black water-resistant nylon backpack by Tess and could not be happier about bringing it halfway around the world.

 The bag is a standard utilitarian backpack – it holds everything you would want to carry while touring a new city – but it also feels fashionable with substantial hardware on the straps and zippers that give it some style.

Even though I chose the Tess Rachel Backpack to use on vacation, I’m sure I will continue to wear it once I’m back home.

#backpack #handsfree

IMG_6003 IMG_6008 IMG_6012 IMG_6025 IMG_6198 IMG_6207  IMG_6271   IMG_6346 IMG_6371


DSC01145 DSC01147 DSC01144 DSC01151 DSC01146

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