Containing my Clothing Craze with a Walk-In Closet, California Closets

My obsession with clothes began as a little girl and continues today. When I was in grade school, I remember trying on 3 or 4 different outfits every morning, trying to decide what to wear. Yes, it would drive my mom crazy as she called for me to come downstairs, saying, “Your breakfast is ready. Get dressed! You’re going to be late for school!”

In an effort to fix the problem, she made me lay out my clothes the night before, but most of the time, I would find that the outfit I picked out at night was not the outfit I wanted to wear in the morning. So my time-consuming morning routine continued until 7th grade when I started at a new school … an all-girls private school that required students to wear uniforms.

At first, I wasn’t thrilled with the pleated skirts and polos, but I quickly became a fan of the uniformed look because it was so easy to get dressed. I’m pretty sure the uniforms were just as big of a selling point to my mom as the college prep curriculum, which to this day has served me well and set me on the path to become the confident, career-oriented woman I am today.

While the uniforms tempered my obsession with clothes from 7th to 12th grade, once I went off to college my clothing craze flourished. My dorm room closet was packed to the gills with jeans, sweats, jackets and Greek paraphernalia that I would wear proudly across campus.

Fast forward to today, when a big part of my career is all about what you’re wearing. Television news is a visual medium, so looking professional and put together is just as important as presenting the news or the weather in a concise, clear and compelling manner. As a meteorologist, dresses are my go-to on the weather wall. The dresses can’t be too tight, too loose, too short, or too sexy … the cuts have to be just right. For me, that means a lot of sleeveless sheath dresses that not only look good straight on, but also give you a nice silhouette when you turn to the side and point to a map.

Since my new condo has two bedrooms and I don’t have any kids, it made sense to turn the second bedroom into a walk-in closet. I went with California Closets to create the space and while the room is still technically a bedroom – it will have a twin sized murphy bed that disappears and becomes flush with the cabinets – but let’s just call it what it is… a beautifully designed custom closet that contains my mild obsession in one place.

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Renderings (Showroom Visit, West Hollywood):






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