A Modified Chinese Tea Ceremony

When planning a wedding…how does a girl incorporate her Chinese heritage? She has a Chinese Tea Ceremony! If you’re unfamiliar ...
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Showered With Love; A Pre-Wedding Celebration

There was plenty of sunshine and lots of love at our pre-wedding celebration over the weekend. Since the man and ...
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life of liberte

Getting My Feet Wet And Stepping Into A New Role

Many of you know that both my parents passed away within the last 4 years, but what you may not ...
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Momma Chan: My Biggest Inspiration

They say the hardest thing for a parent is to lose a child...I think the hardest thing for a child ...
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The Best Day of My Life 😍

The day my man asked me to marry him was literally the BEST day of my life. What’s more, it ...
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Welcome to Wonderland; A Very Merry Unbirthday With Friends and Family

When my mom asked me, "Can I throw you a birthday party in June and make it an Alice in ...
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Back To the Motherland: The Trip That Taught Me I Have A Badass Bloodline

As a child, I was told by my mom, “Your great-grandfather was a general who fought the Japanese in World ...
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My Baby Girl Has Cancer And It Sucks… But She’s Not Going Down Without A Fight

My little girl, Shanti, turned 12 years old in May. That's 84 in 'people years' so her senior check-up was ...
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