Take Me Back To Tulum: A Tropical, Bohemian Chic Destination

Tulum is a town located about 90 minutes south of Cancun on the Yucatán Peninsula. It has become a destination for yogis and anyone who wants to relax and escape to a town with a hippie-chic, bohemian vibe. This place has been on my radar for years and last week, I finally got a chance to visit with a couple of girlfriends.

We stayed at Amansala, an eco-chic resort that sits on a white sand beach across from the jungle. We shared a roomy cabana and woke up early to enjoy the sunshine and daily yoga classes.

While we were only there for three days, we managed to kayak in a cenote, take a 6-mile bike ride, walk through the mangroves and stop by a monkey sanctuary.

Aside from touring around town, I was able to unplug from everyday life and plug in to my inner self and unwind.

Take me back to Tulum!

Location: Amansala, Tulum

Romper: Trina Turk

Walking on the beach with Christina Pascucci and Kacey Montoya


Morning yoga with JC Ananda

Walking through the mangroves to the cenote

Kayaking in the cenote

Akumal Monkey Sanctuary & Rescued Animals

We’ve been known to wear the same dress on the weather wall, so it’s no surprise Kacey Montoya and I ended up wearing the same bikini at the beach…for the record, I had it first 😂😉 👙 Wet Swimwear

Jungle Jumpsuit: Provided By Trina Turk


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